Sunday, December 21, 2014

X'mas Celebration

Had an awesome night with my blowW gang last night. We had our first festival celebration!
Went to Acme Bar & Coffee to have our dinner and gift exchange session. It was really fun when getting the present which you had no idea what would you get haha. I got a pillow from MeiSan :D
And we celebrated Az's coming-soon-birthday as well! Two more weeks until his birthday but due to study week, we decided to give him an early surprise heh.

Happy birthday in advance Az!

Our blow signature's pose!

After dinner and gift exchange, in front of the Christmas Tree.


My girls. 

Wanted to go skybar for second round, but too bad we can't entered cause some of us are underage, no choice, too young x)  ( HAHA, not me pun) Luckily boyf gave me a call and suggested me some other places. So we went to Luna Bar instead. It's a pretty place too!

Love the lightning :)

Before we go

And lastly, our signature pose!

Really enjoyed myself so much last night. Having a bunch of awesome friends is one of the best feeling ever. There's always laughter when I'm with them, love them so much. This outing also marked our last outing for this semester, study week is here, time to studyyy. Can't wait for finals to over. A whole new year is coming hoho. Till then, byee.


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